Daniele Boldi Cotti

professional render artist

Post Production
Matte painting

I decided to follow my interests in CGI

after a degree in Architecture.

My first experience was by an Italian Vfx company, after which I’ve decided to broaden my horizons by the means of a career on abroad. A Dutch studio, with branches in either Netherlands and London, was the successful continuation of my profession.


I discovered CGI at University time

and went deeply passionate about it.

A certified class of 3Ds Max followed and, next, a vast working experience cemented this passion of mine into proper profession. I keep on learning all the time, blending in certified classes to be always up to date with the latest trends and technologies. ArchViz was the first of my skills, and I always leaned towards photoreal solutions. Mental Ray and IRay became my tools of choice to achieve that.


On professional ground I am pretty swift on learning

and blending into the existing pipelines

while I tend to establish not only professional but friendly ties as well with my coworkers. I manage easily a broad array of CG disciplines, such as sculpting, texturing, lighting, compositing, animation, fluid simulation and basic Fx. Please, have a look through my portfolio for an overview of my skills. As a rule of thumb the works on display are entirely personal ones.