Hello Guys,

How many times, especially for those who work for an interior designer practice, have you received a request to use/add to your scene specific furniture or specific objects that couldn’t be find online? II don’t know you guys but this happened to me quite frequently, getting unique requests that pushed me to find different ways to model.
So let’s start playing with some particles.

One of the latest requests I got was to create quickly a specific bush plant edge combining with a planter you can see in this sketch [Fig01].

sketch copy2

The procedure took me just few mints to be done, as first I modeled the planter starting from a Cube [Fig02]and from a sphere [Fig03]



Once the planter is done we can proceed to realize the edge conic bush, to do this we just need to create a cone, which will give the shape to our bush, and a small leaf [Fig04]


Now we have to combine these two elements together and to do so I decided to work with particle flow.
To create my particles I go to the Command Panel  Geometry  Particle System and select PF source.

Once it’s in my scene I select it and then click Particle view to open the menu where I can customize and play with many parameters.

To create the bush I didn’t have to twist too much the default setting, just turned of the Speed (because my particles will be static) and replaced few other Operators [Fig05].


The final result of this procedure can be seen here below, it’s not perfect of course but for plants not too close to the camera I think the resolution is good enough.



Furthermore, here below you can find the link with the 3ds max file:


Enjoy it!! 